Four Dogs and Two and a Half Years Later

I love the idea of a doggie U-turn!


As Shelby and I went on our nightly desensitization walk last night, a neighbor’s car drove down the street. Like usual, we moved to the side, and I signaled for Shelby to lie down, which she of course did, earning herself a cookie. I raised my hand to wave to the driver but instead of passing, she stopped alongside us.

“I just have to tell you, I see you walking that dog every morning and every night, and she’s just so obedient. She never pulls, she just stares at you the whole time, and you never have to tell her to do anything, she just does it, it’s really impressive.” I smiled and thanked her while I thought to myself, “Yes, she’s very obedient from this distance, but if you got out of your car right now you’d see something different.”

Another one of my neighbors commented recently that, “Your…

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