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TreyThe other day I was visiting a client who shared a story about her dog that got me thinking. Her pup is about 1.5 years old, very passive , but fearful at board and play or being boarded at the vets office. He was a rescue so who knows what happened to him before he found his forever home. The most recent incident happened at the vets office when being taken out of the kennel. Most of the vet techs had no problem with him but it seems 2 of the techs did not fair so well. The pup actually lunged and made contact with one of the techs. Good for him or her there was no blood drawn, just a bruise. But the bigger question is, why did he have issues with only 2 of the techs. Why not all of them?

So in thinking about how the dog…

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2 thoughts on “Keeping us humans safe!

    • It’s funny, just as I was getting ready to reply, Loki begins barking at kids he can see from his vantage point of our second floor deck (our only entrance to/from the back yard). I pause and go click him for short quiet breaks and pour myself a cup of coffee. Then as I’m typing this, he stats barking at someone else. The good news is that at the distance he is from them, he is half fearful and half excited and wanting to see them. Thanks for asking! The chart is a brilliant idea and I’m happy to pass it on.

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