Potential Triggers

Loki’s Potential Triggers – Ongoing List


  • At close distance, 45ft
  • Within view of backyard
  • Looking at him
  • Talking to him
  • Strangers in our home
  • Men?


  • At semi-close distance, 90ft
  • Looking at him
  • Barking at him
  • Making any noises like whining
  • Growling, baring teeth, etc.


  • Anything unfamiliar that is being blown by the wind
  • Tires on the ground
  • Bags outside like large dog food bags
  • Large traffic cones/barrels
  • Fire hydrants
  • Object that have been moved out of their usual place in the yard


  • Doorbell
  • Bangs, deep & loud
  • Dogs barking next door
  • Kids playing in neighborhood
  • Front door opening
Last Updated: 04/20/2013

5 thoughts on “Potential Triggers

  1. Lists are good! I would start attacking the ones that should be easier, like stationary objects. Loki sounds a lot like my GSD Shelby, who we have had from a pup but has always been very skittish and shy. She freaked at a lot of these things as well in the beginning. So we played games with the neighborhood trashcans and strange things. I do a lot of freeshaping with her and now she will confidently approach just about any unusual thing she sees. She has always been good with dogs, but not people, so we have moved onto conquering the people fear. I have her reaction zone all the way down to about 5 feet or so, which is a huge accomplishment for her. Baby steps!

    • That’s great advice. I have started hanging out on my deck and giving him clicks & treats as the school kids walk home or when my neighbors dogs are out. We are in a fenced yard and he can only see them from the deck so, I feel more confident there. Actively working on objects is a good idea as a first steps since I have more control over that like I do on our deck. Thanks!

      What kind of games did you do with Shelby?

  2. Basically we did either “Look at that!” games which is basically I get really excited and point to something and say, “Look at that!” and the instant she looks I click and treat and then run the other direction with her. It makes the scary thing into a game, so now she’ll “look at that” and look at me like “where’s my treat and little jaunt” or we did, “freeshape the scary object”, I have a blog about doing something like that with our first rescue as well, http://mymegaedog.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/101-things-to-do-with-a-backhoe/

    • We just learned a version of your “look at that game” in training yesterday. I’ll be posting about yesterdays training soon.

      Now if only I could find a backhoe ;-).

  3. Looking forward to hearing about it! Look at That isn’t “my” game though 😉 It is Leslie McDevitt’s game, her book Control Unleashed is a wonderful training resource and comes highly recommended from me!

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