Medication Mania

I found this post at a great time. After talking with our trainer last Wednesday, I discovered that Loki was barely getting half of the sleep he needed daily. Since then, I have been watching him closely, and of course, called his vet. Even after being clearly exhausted after a one on one, two hour training session with a walk prior, he didn’t even take a few seconds of a nap until midnight. He clearly could not settle down. When nothing was going on, he would look for something to pay attention to. The vet suggested giving him a dose of Valium so he could get some sleep and I could see how it affected him. Guess what? He didn’t sleep at all. We see the vet on Monday and will talk about his not sleeping, take any additional test, etc. Of course, we will continue working on his confidence building with or without medication.

Apprehensive Oreo

dog-medicine-bottleA recent post by a friend on a social media site left me wondering…what do people think about dog medications? And why do many of them think they are more harmful than helpful?

Some people still seem to be stuck in the past, thinking dogs are just entertainment to have around. Medication? No way!! People frequently laugh, giggle, or give me weird looks if I tell them my dog is on medications for anxiety/fearfulness. I always get the saying, “Oh she’ll grow out of it” or “She’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.” Well, I do worry about it…or rather I did, before we had a breakthrough with medication.

If you feel like your dog is fearful or has anxiety and you’ve tried training but hit a brick wall, there are other options. Medication is another option, but should be given after extensive training has been tried. It’s not something…

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