Staffordshire Bull Terriers for the win!

I love Staffies and other “Pit Bull types.” I fell for one at a shelter and couldn’t get him because of my landlord. I still think about him and miss a dog I never had.

Dally and Dogs!

We had to put up with more Staffy prejudice on a recent walk. A woman walking her Jack Russel Terrier off-lead said to us, “Oh, shall I put my dog on-lead because of your Staffy?” To which we replied, “No, she’s very sociable with other dogs.” As we were walking past her dog, it attacked ours, snarling and growling!!! So she was one to talk!

I hate Staffy prejudice.

My family are not the most dog friendly of families, and you should have heard the talk when we first fostered Zoey – “Staffies, aren’t they those vicious dogs?” “Ew you got one of those vicious brutes!” “Why are you getting a Pit Bull?” etc etc. Just delightful.

The vast majority of dogs in rescues are Staffies, and Staffies can expect to spend years in rescue whereas other breeds spend days or weeks. Staffies are also more likely to be owned…

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