We Had A Breakthrough!

Loki met our neighbor.

It’s been sunny and warm in the morning lately. I have been taking my coffee outside to enjoy the warmth and watch Loki play. As it turns out, our neighbor, who travels a lot, was outside. He decided to look over the fence and have a chat. The thing is, Loki has never met him, let alone really seen him, until now.

Naturally, Loki made a fuss about this new stranger looking over our fence.

For some reason that I am still trying to make out, he didn’t go completely over threshold. I was able to distract him with his new Jolly Ball!

We spoke for quite some time and almost every time Loki threatened to hit his threshold, I was able to get him to play with his ball. Two times, our neighbor lifted his small dog, a Mini Dachshund who is also reactive, to see Loki.

Loki did not freak out until his small dog hit threshold. 

He also lifted his Border Collie to see him. However, Loki has had a lot of practice barking at her and went straight to barking this time. It was the only time that I could not immediately distract him.

In all, we probably chatted for at least half an hour. It was a huge success, relatively. I’ll take it!


6 thoughts on “We Had A Breakthrough!

  1. My sister in laws dog just bit her friends dog last weekend. 3 stitches in his nose. She is in the same boat as you. 😦 She says she’s going to bring him to counseling… He’s an overweight, 2 year old black lab. It’s a sad situation, as she brought this guy home, while she still lives with mom. Mom can’t handle him, he pulled her down,not good for a 62 year old woman. She watches her grandchild, and he wants nothing to do with the dog.
    At least you’re trying to do something, they are just making it worse by segregating him and not bringing him to a behaviorist or trainer.

    • That is a very sad situation. My parents also live with us and my 84 year old dad can lose his patience at times. He also bleeds easily. We’re lucky he became “the cookie guy” instead of the scary man. He was the scary man at first :-(.

      I often wonder if I’m the best thing for Loki. I am completely inexperienced with this. We’re lucky that I was able to see a trainer through the Canines With A Cause program. If not, I might have done more harm than good too. Even with good intentions.

      I’m glad your sister-in-law has you. Is she trying to work with the pup at all? Has she listened to any of your advice?

  2. Funny – ‘The Cookie Guy’!!
    I used to have a female dog that would pee on the spot if a man had too deep of a voice. I used to tell my baratone friend to wear tight pants over =-)

    My SIL is very different from me in personality; she brought this dog home w/o one word to her mom, whom she lives with. She also has 1 other older (well trained) dog & a mean, nasty cat. She moves in & out of the house, but never takes the critters with her. She lives at home now, but works so much, basically, leaving poor mom to care for the animals. She said yesterday that she was going to take him to a behaviorist, but I don’t see when that is going to happen. He is snappy at most situations & is fearful of many things. I’m not sure how he became this way, as he was ok when I dog-sat for him last year.
    She & I are different in the way that she’s a coddler and I’m a down-to-biz kinda girl. I got him to stop biting me in 3 days. I’d love to think I could take him for a few months & straighten him out, but I also have my 2 (now smaller) dogs to think about also, he’s an overweight 90 lbs. now & getting larger.
    I don’t mean to be offensive here, but humans’ need to really look at what they are doing to solve the training problems their dogs have. I’ve made HUGE mistakes training my dogs in the past, but I can learn, even though I’m old =-). She needs to reassess how she is trying to train him, but she’s too bull-headed to listen to me. Where’s a dog whisper when you need one?!?
    Until then, the poor dog is going to suffer with being separated from family events because he’s a bad-mannered bulldozer. She mentioned last night she wanted to bring him camping with us on the 4th ‘o July….. Yikes! He’ll be in a cage in a tent. I told her I thought it was a bad idea, she then said we could put him in our trailer. I said under no circumstances is he hanging out in there. She looked at me with a, ‘you’re a b*tch’ look on her face, but I’ve got my 2 boys to think about.
    I totally don’t think he’s a lost cause, it’s just his human needs to step-up and help him become pleasant to be around.

    • Tight Pants!!! I love it ;-).

      It sounds like your SIL is a lot like my sister. I know what a pain in the a#@ that can be. She would often do what she thought was best for her regardless of how it affected others. Growing up with someone like that is partly why I am angered by people not caring about how they treat others. Especially, when those others can’t do for themselves, like animals and children. As someone who gets what you’re trying to convey, I don’t think you’re being offensive at all. It sounds like you are simply passionate about it in the same way I am. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about caring for those you love and a dog that doesn’t have much control over his environment being treated in a poor manner.

      I hate to say that anyone should get rid of a dog, but in this case, maybe it would be better for him if she did. He clearly needs a home with someone who understands what he needs to thrive, in my humble opinion. It sounds like she needs a dog that is more a dog that mom would like to have instead. I would think a very calm, quiet dog that could really be mom’s, although technically SIL’s, would be a better fit.

      Best of luck! I’ll be thinking about you and the poor pup.

      • Thanks for your kind words.
        I don’t know your age, but I’ll date myself here, My SIL is Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! She is the poster child of middle children.
        I’m going to try to get her to bring him over to my large, fenced yard more often & hope he minds his manners.
        He used to bite hands, bad. I was able to stop him from doing that. Maaaaybe I can see what I can do about his aggressiveness. I just need to observe him with other dogs a bit more than I did when he was half his size. I’m no expert, but I did own an agressive dog in the past.
        Looking forward to hearing more improvement from you on Loki!! =-)

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