Loki’s Bark Deterrent System

It’s important to lessen a dogs opportunity to practice reactive behavior.

I have read this in blogs and in online articles. I read one particular post that gave me a great moment of inspiration entitled, “Practice Makes Perfect: Managing Your Dog’s Reactivity.” Loki has had a very clear view of the neighborhood from our second floor deck that leads to the yard. He has been able to see and bark at everything that passes by.

Until now :-)…


Bamboo fencing attached to our deck railing to limit the view.


Bamboo fencing from another angle showing what Loki used to be able to see: Kids walking home from school, neighbors playing in their yards, people walking their dogs, etc.

I’m having sinus and tonsil surgery today. In fact, I am probably in surgery right now as I scheduled this post before today. I do not know when I will feel up to writing, but I look forward to getting back here as soon as I can.

UPDATE: I must of scheduled the post for the night before instead of the morning of my surgery. Oops. The bamboo fencing I used can be found in any Home Depot or Lowes for about $25.00. Because of it’s 6ft height, I was able to cut it in half then attach it with zip ties.


10 thoughts on “Loki’s Bark Deterrent System

  1. I have a client who “frosted” the bottom third of her windows and the improvement in chronic barking was immediate. Now as she has begun training the dog on better things to do, it is unable to practice the unwanted behavior. Management is key!!!

  2. We have often thought about blocking our Phoebe’s view with some sort of decorative fencing. But we’re afraid of making her bark worse. It was our thought that if she can hear and not see that maybe she would react even more. Any thoughts on this?

    • That theory does make sense and since all dogs are different, it could very well cause her to bark more.

      However, i have found that Loki barks much less even though we live in a pretty noisy area. He is a lot less loud and barks for shorter durations.

      Let me know if you give it a try and how it works out.

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