Sir Barks-A-Lot

Loki and his buddy, Coco, are barkers. Major barkers.

Loki’s bark is quite loud and Coco’s bark is shrill. Their barking sends my elderly father into an anxiety attack. Plus, it just drives us all nuts. So, today my mom and I are working with both of them on barking. We’re using Clicking With Your Dog by Peggy Tillman to reach them to bark when asked to.

My mom has the week off of work so, it will be a week of regular training with them both.

We haven’t done this before because of the stress it causes my dad. Now, he is able to take a higher dose of anxiety meds when needed. Hopefully, we won’t drive him insane during this process.

Wish us luck!


9 thoughts on “Sir Barks-A-Lot

  1. Good luck. And let me know how it goes. I might have to higher you to help me train Toby & Lucy. They bark way too much!

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  2. We were lucky. We knew border collies can be vocal, so from the get go we stopped Breck from going crazy. But Oreo on the other hand likes to bark outside. Luckily, he’s not bad inside unless the windows are open and he hears people. Not often as we live on a quiet street. I wish you luck!!

    • Our biggest issues is that they feed off of each other and that the combo is nerve wracking. Loki loves to run around the yard barking and since that’s mostly in the day it’s not a huge issue. However, the two of them in unison in the house is a completely different story. I’m starting a job where I work in my home and as I’ll be on the phone I’ll need silence. Luckily, I have time to work with them before that happens.

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