Please Stop Breeding Your Pet Dog

This is a topic I feel strongly about. My Odin was from a very good line and papered. I had many female dog parents ask if he was neutered as he was gorgeous and very sweet. However, I did neuter him for the same reasons mentioned in this post. Please give shelter dogs a fighting chance and stop breeding your pet dogs.


I was loathe to post this, but I’ve been seeing too much of it not to say anything. This post is not for the “oops” litters (another topic). It isn’t for the breeders (and I mean legitimate breeders). It isn’t a rant to spay and neuter (heck, Shelby isn’t spayed, but you don’t see her going around popping out puppies either). I have nothing against breeders. I have nothing against not spaying or neutering your dog for medical reasons or because you’ve done your homework and learned about the risks and the pros and the cons and have been responsible enough to keep your dog from procreating.

This post is for all of the people I’ve seen recently who insist that they should breed their pet dogs. Please, and I mean this as sincerely as I can mean a thing, please please please JUST STOP.

I don’t mean for this…

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