About Us

I’m Loki and I don’t like strangers. It’s nothing personal. I just don’t trust them. They come up to me like they know me and try to touch me. It’s pretty scary for a dog like me. I’m still trying to decide if I like stranger dogs too or if I want to play with them. It’s just so hard to know whether they are going to use their big, scary teeth for good or for bad. This is where my mom comes in. She isn’t too sure about strangers either. She is just as hypervigilant as I am, if not more :-). Together, we are learning to trust new people and things. Mom says she’s going to blog about it since I can’t type. Her name is, Sally, and she can’t get enough of me. I really love her too.

We are just beginning our journey with Canines With A Cause. They are a pretty amazing organization that brings dogs and military veterans together.

We are also beginning our work with the book, Click To Calm, by Emma Parsons.

We are so thankful to our lead trainer, Shaun Woodard, and everyone else involved in our journey to healing our inner beasts.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Sally and Loki. Loki seems to be a challenging dog, and there are some things you may want to keep in mind when dealing with Loki. Belgian Malinois have the highest level of energy amongst dogs, they are guard dogs and if not given enough exercise and stimulation they can develop destructive and unwanted behavior. What I am going to tell you is based on experience. Most dogs, unless introduced from puppyhood, are wary of strangers, but guard dogs like Loki much more because they are guard dogs. When someone asks me if he can pet Alex, my dog, a pit/Dogo mix, or one of the dogs that are staying with me, first I have to see which dog I have. Second I have to see and ask the person if he is afraid of dogs. And third, I have to see if the dog is comfortable. I had someone tell me that he was afraid of dogs, but he wanted to pet Alex. I told him, “No, you can’t pet her because she will smell your fear and she could bite you even though she has never bitten a human”. I was not about to put my dog in that position. Also, I don’t let anybody, specially kids just come up and pet her. Why? They come up and touch the head right away. Big no, no. I did socialize Alex when she was a puppy and I do let people pet her, but I am very picky about who can do that with her. Don’t feel bad about Loki. He is just following what he was bred to do and that is to be a guard dog and a working dog as well. I wish you the best to you and Loki.

    • Thank you. Having a GSD prior to Loki, I did know what I was in for as far as a working breed and guard dog goes. I appreciate your advice and I definitely plan on being picky about who approaches him and how. I’ll keep your questions in mind when we do eventually get to the point of allowing strangers to approach him.

      • Wow! Great. GSDs are amazing dogs, but they require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation as well. They are amazing:) Yes, in my opinion, regardless of what breed of dog you have, you should not just let anybody come over and pet your dog. Think about it this way; would this person petting your dog without asking you if its ok be fine if a total stranger went up to him and touched him? I don’t think so. At the beginning I felt bad about it, but not anymore. I am my dog’s advocate and I need to protect my dog. Alex is the type of dog that wants to kiss everybody so letting a kid pet her is sometimes a little challenging because she wants to jump on them. Do what’s best for your dog. Wishing you and Loki a great weekend:)

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